Friday, September 21, 2007

Man ,Women are Not equal !

Yes this is true for decades but some people speaking about that now that is not fair why women are not like men ? ,, we respect the way they speak But only there is a major point missing here !!! OK we speak that man & women are not equal , that in my opinion is 100% true is a fact that we must accept it and through my small article i will show my point hoping that you will agree with me or have some creative point of view that could help us to clear this issue .

as what i say in the begining MEN =/= WOMEN a simple equation because if we think mathimatically dividing one of the side on the other will not give ONE witch is an idication of equaltiy , Forget math and let start more reality . usually people are upset from taking about this issue only for ONE REASON that they feel that once we speak about un equality they will have in mind that men are better than women , witch is not true since unquality dont specify who is better than who !! yes someone is better than the other but who is better here we start our disscusion , fairly to clearfy who is the best you must first slect common things between the two gendr and specify the level which give you an indication of being better or more positive ( in math way ) , selecting these parameter from a vast pool of specification of each one of them will result in a limetted parameters or what we can call Key indicators ( KI's ) , once you relay on this few KI's your result are not accurate , since as more KI's as more your result come very accurate , i think that you start your mind and thinking that im only wasting your Time with no meaning point , you will get my point simply by this real life example :
the example is (( MAN & Women & child ))
Once upon time there was a strong smart man who love a beutiful honest women after they spend time with each other they know that they are sharing the same ideas same aim , so they suggest to get married after few month they get their own child was a boy they share same idea that they want this boy to become a Doctor , with time the boy grow up now the father will use logic & brain to draw a trace that his boy will follow to become a doctor man want his child to improve his skill by reading & practicing some sport ' because he think that this is the good way to do it ' in logic ,women meanwhile will focus on emotional part on her child that doctor also must be sweet & kind she will bring for him a pet to rise it ,so they have same aim , if they do same things the child will start to compare between them , but now he cant compare since each one working in deffernt field , here is the point unequal but also no one is better than other .

Hope that you get my idea !!

Thanks for my friend Beth , that we were speaking about this issue today and we finalize by these point as what i think

thinking is a strange & complicated process , if you think how could you think & figure out the way its possible to make some one to think , i think it will be a master thinking thing to do , may be one day we could make animal think like human OR human may think like people , what im sure from that this is already happing , people already thinking like animals & animal in respect to human are thinking more as human . So what DO you Think !!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ramadan Comes

firstly let me say for all , Ramadan Kareem , yes ramadan comes and all people celebrating with the holy month coming , here we must stop for a while !! why people celebrating ? if you stop by the street and ask a young child that why you are very plerasure that ramadan is coming ? he will answer you that this mean new food will be surfed at the table some meals that by time it comes part of ramadan , Ok this one point and most of his age will think like that . let us ask another one , like here is teenage girl let us ask her the same question ? she will answer smiling that ramadan comes that mean new & special programs comes in TV !! (( Ramadan is the most peak value of viewer you could found in front of TV , so this is goldy season for maketing people that they could view thier Ads. )) back to the girl .. she is also pleasure that there is a new series coming in TV with her favorite actore on it . here is another answer we have and could reflect most of teenage idea about ramadan . thank you girl and let us move to that man standing beside his car seem to be bussy but its ok we could ask him , hi there mr.bussy ! what could you tell us about ramadan ? with a sharp looks he answer us . friend ramadan its a good season for me to have long time resting sleeping since duty times change in ramadan , along with the long list of meal at preakfast woow im very intresting !! he answer .... OK say you round , we move then and found on side of the road near the garden an old man with that white bear stop there and we say to him " salam aleekom " , " aleekom asalam " he answer with that wise eyes , we ask him the same question . he lay his back to the wall and answering us ,, ramadan is that month were quran been send to our massengar , ramadan is that month were souls comes more cleanar , were all people asking god the forgetness & asking for havin , its a test period that will test your soul by fasting and remmbering that there is lot of people daying hungary , praying at night and remmbering that there lot of people having lot of problems asking god for help , like you . here you could thank god for all the thing that he already gave you , your health , your wealth , your brain , and that these thing are not totally belong to you , since you must use them to help others .

Thank you very much my uncle (( usually as a respection for old people we call them uncle insted of mr . )) .

here is my survey end .

Now its your turn ! why you are pleasure by ramadan coming ?


Sunday, August 26, 2007

مسامحة النفس

نفسي حبيبتي ومهجتي وقرة عيني..روحي يا ملاذي..جسدي الحبيب سامحني..اللهم أعني على مسامحة نفسي..لقد أجهدتها على كثرة الأعباء وكثرة الطلبات..وأكثرت على الطلب والحاجات، فقصرت في حقها ولم تقصر في حقي، أفلا أسامحها..مسامحة النفس أصل التسامح ومنبع الحب، ونهر التسامح للآخرين، وماء يروي أرواحنا والنفوس، مسامحة النفس أصل السعادة وطريق النجاح، ففي مسامحة النفس تعلّم من الخطأ وصفاء في التفكير، وتقليل من أهمية انتقاد الآخرين، سامحتك يا نفسي على تقصيري، سامحتك على تخييب أحلامي وآمال الآخرين، سامحتك على ما صدر منك مهما كان، وسامحتك على ما سيصدر منك بعد ذلك، أسامحك وأرضى عنك بصدق وعمق، أحبك وأعذرك، أعلم أنك طيبة الأصل، طريقك هو طريق الحب والعطاء واليقين بالدين، طريقك طريق الصالحين، أسامحك إن ضللت الطريق يوماً لأنك لاشك في بحث عن أسمى طريق، وستجدينه وإن طال العناء وكثر التخبط وسط الظلام، وإن خاصمتك يوماً أو أنبتك في لحظات فسامحيني، فلم أرد منك إلا اتباع نهج المصلحين والصراط المستقيم، وقد سامحتك لأني أعلم أنها زلة في لحظة ضعف، لا روح شريرة أو نفس بغيضة ولا أصل فيك، بل هي خطرات وهمزات من همزات الشياطين، وغبار من دخان الحياة لابد زائل، أنا قادر الآن على تحديد مساري، لدي الخيار في تغيير حياتي، أتحمل مسؤولية حياتي ونجاحها، أتحمل مسؤولية الخطأ، أعترف به ولا أنكره وأواجههم، أواجه الحياة ، أواجه أخطائي، أواجه خوفي، أواجه تبعات النجاح، أواجه ما يحدث لي في الطريق، وأستطيع تغيير مساري إن ضللت، وأعود مرة أخرى لطريقي القويم الذي اخترته لنفسي.

طبعا مقالة اعجبتني احب ان اشاركها معكم

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Things that i believe

the 12 principles of character:
(1) Honesty
(2) Understanding
(3) Compassion
(4) Appreciation
(9) Humor

So simply does all these things match with you ?

Restart again

life very intresting , some time you will found some thing that you start and for some reason you stop doing this thing , with time you will forget it and then it will die totally .

I want to thank Dr.noone that refresh my memories to continue what i start with before more than 2 year , but here is a new start since my old blog i forget its password .

Finally , i want to write lot of thing tonight but its too late , i have to sleep now , lot of work waiting me tommorow.

lovely mother asking me to close the PC , its time to sleep .
How she is very careing about me , i love her very much .. mama